Management and Leadership

Ek Karta Dus Avatar: 10 Facets of Leadership from Indian Mythology

1 Sep 2023. Upasana Singh Introduction: In the grand tapestry of Indian mythology, Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, has taken on ten different avatars or incarnations, each embodying distinct characteristics and purposes. These avatars, collectively known as the Dasavatara, serve as a rich source of wisdom, not only in spiritual and moral contexts …

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Reticulated Leadership

12 Dec 2022. Capt Muthukrishnan Iyyappan Introduction: Reticulated leadership is distributed, flexible, and collaborative leadership approach in today’s interconnected world. This approach acknowledges that effective leadership is distributed across a network of individuals working towards a common goal, unlocking the power of collective influence. Understanding Reticulated leadership: Reticulated leadership emphasizes shared responsibility, distributed influence, and …

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The ASKOI Principle

28 Nov 2022. Capt Muthukrishnan Iyyappan    Introduction: In today’s fast-paced world, adaptability and versatility are essential for personal and professional success. The ASKOI framework, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge, Ownership, and Initiative, helps identify, develop and nurture these attributes for individual growth and achievement.   Attitude: is the foundation of success, reflecting one’s mindset, approach, and …

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