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Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training

Eka is a firm believer that for the domain that we deal with – that of managerial and leadership competency

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the course of action where the individuals or the groups can learn through experience

Content Development

Content Development

Eka offers a variety of online learning options to support, complement, and enhance the implementation of our classroom training.

Open House Program

Open House Program

In layman’s language, an open house program (OHP) is an event in which doors are open to the general public

OD Assessment

OD Assessment

Eka Academy has some of the finest professionals in Organisational Development whose expertise lies identifying

Training Consultancy

Training Consultancy

From being the epicentre of knowledge in the ancient past, where scholars from all known lands flock to get enlightenment

Eka at a Glance

Eka Academy is a pioneer in learning, and organisational development with its operations spread across India, Middle East, South Asia, Europe and Australia.

Flexible Solutions

We at Eka, recognise that every company is unique as are the particular internal and external challenges they face. That’s why we provide flexible solutions that help our clients unlock the potential in their employees, whatever their unique situations.

Mid-Management Specialists

We are the mid-management specialists and specialises in end-to-end competency based skill development interventions delivered precisely to the mid-management across a broad spectrum of industries, domains and functional areas.

Standardization in Methodology

While ensuring standardisation in methodology, we also consciously ensure localisation in delivery so that the intervention gets the maximum impact.

Global Training and organisational

Eka Core Values


Enjoying work and having fun in what we do is an integral part of being an Ekaployee. We are passionate advocates of the belief “work hard, party harder”.


In Eka, we build a learning culture where our organizational values, systems and practices support and encourage both individuals, and Eka as an organization, to increase knowledge, competence and performance levels on an ongoing basis.


This is our company. We own it. We accept our personal responsibilities and accountabilities to fulfill business needs.


We are committed to the success of business attainment with integrity. We are dedicated to our patrons, with business partners as well as with each other.


Every Ekaployee is passionate about what we do at Eka. It is about our organizational name, about our brand, about our training and about our products. We always use our passion to energize, engage, and inspire others.


Dream for us is not what we see while sleeping but it is that what prevents us from sleeping.


Respect is the dominating value in our business relationships. We treat each of our employee and customers with tremendous respect, they will feel comfortable to deal with us.


For us, transparency comes quite naturally, we always feel comfortable and excited to share our learning knowledge and experience. It helps us to get more feedback about ourselves and also eliminates gossips and grapevines.


Entrepreneurship runs deep in the veins of every Ekaployee. Ekaployees also strive to inspire others in continually seeking innovative solutions and ensure that they take Eka to the next orbit.

Business Skills training

Our business skills courses focus on developing core communication, relationship and customer service skills. They improve personal effectiveness and maximise team performance, crucial to excellent customer interactions and overall business growth


Entrenpreneurship runs deep in the veins of every Ekaployee. We endeavour to create value and deliver results to take Eka to the next orbit.. We strive to be creative, effective, and efficient to create inspired, visionary solutions for our business partners. As an entrepreneur, we view problems as opportunities, take the time and initiative to pursue the unknown.


Transparent culture delivers better results by motivating and driving innovation. We, at Eka, build trust and pride, by encouraging employees to exchange ideas and thoughts through open communication. We focus on goal-based initiatives and validate it with our well-defined group of ekaployees so that both company and clients get to benefit out of it.
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