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Let me help you address the complex workforce challenges that you face today, from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development. We deliver the solutions that drive your business forward.

Manpower Management is a tedious procedure that no organization can evade. From initial screening of potential employees to multiple rounds of assessment and background verification, it involves a myriad of steps that neither adds to your profitability, nor client-list, but definitely to your workload. In an era where profitability and client acquisitions is of paramount importance, Manpower Management Outsourcing services is an option you may want to consider. And if you do, it is imperative to look for the right partner.

At Eka Academy, we offer comprehensive and flexible manpower management services that not only covers end-to-end HR process management – allowing you to focus on what you are best at – your profitability and your business growth.

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Eka Academy has been consistently reliable in giving us the best manpower in both IT and non-IT fields for the past several years and we are delighted to work with them for our manpower needs.

Dr.Suresh Shan,
Head - Business Information Technology Solutions, Mahindra Finance

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Why Chose Eka Academy?

Eka’s expertise, exposure and promptness remains unmatched. You will find out why Eka’s manpower management process outsourcing service from an experienced specialist consultant team like us is what your business requires.

Cost reduction: Businesses often try to cut down their operational costs to improve or maintain their profitability. Being one of the top manpower management process outsourcing companies in India, our expert team can scale up or scale down their recruitment process at a uniform price with the same level of quality output. As a matter of comparison, the HR team cannot be increased or decreased flexibly to cater to the seasonally governed resource requirement. Our Company streamlines the multi-step process of recruitment, thereby saving you a significant amount of money by using our software for Application tracking and management.

Time-saving: We are exposed to various segments and drawing best practices from across segments, we have developed our own expertise and style for shortlisting candidates and assessing their credibility at the shortest time. This process ensures our clients get the right candidates and before the set timeline.

Network utilization: We have alliances with major job boards, social networking sites and universities and colleges across the country and abroad. We utilize this robust network to attract the right candidates for our clients whether in India or internationally. Our recruitment process outsourcing services consistently exceed client expectations as we find, engage and deliver the right talent you need for a successful business.

Specific skill-based recruitment: As a leading Outsourced Recruitment Company, we have access to all types of databases that suit generic requirements or special skilled workforce needs. We are meticulous about finding candidates best-fit for our client’s criteria for various designations not just in qualifications but we also evaluate the cultural fit of the candidate with the Organization’s culture.

We promise to walk the extra mile for our clients. We provide candidates specific to the client’s requirement of culture as well as skill fitment. We also provide Employee engagement and employer branding services so that the relevant candidates can be tapped. We make sure that our clients can count on our outsource recruitment service to get the best talent.