Savvy Sagar

Project Management Office

Young, Dynamic and Smiling, Savvy ensures that nothing is taken for granted in project management


Deepak Sanklecha

Finance and Accounts

Crunching numbers is in his blood – for Deepak, no number is insignificant.  Now that calls for a revision of our maths textbooks!

Shailesh Gaikwad

Purchase and Payments

To juggle with finances, you cannot find a better person than Shailesh.  To ensure that payments are made in time to vendor management, he manages all


Director and Board Member

Managing comes natural to Suganya who mastered the art of management from the….Kitchen

Subhashini Bakkamanthula

Human Resources

If managing people is an Art, then Subhashini is the artist.  Period. 

Akanksha Kumari

Digital Marketing & Communication

Miss charming – one who cast her spell on everying living, and even non-living.  Akanksha doesnt need a title to be our spokesperson

Capt Muthukrishnan Iyyappan

Chief Executive Officer

From an Army briefing room to a corporate board room, the Captain has seen it all – a big brother?

Ketan Bharatia

Project Manager and Trainer

Wearing multiple hats, Ketan is not only a project manager but also a subjec matter expert and a senior trainer in FMCG and Pharma business of Eka. 

Tejas Nayak

Python Developer
Tejas is a phyton developer and works for our client.   His knowledge of python is legendary and is a quick learner - as quick as the software he uses. 

Rajesh Sharma

Senior Trainer
Rajesh is a senior trainer who specializes in FMCG and other Field Coaching intervention for North Zone

Rajagopal Menon

Director and Board Member

Working in 3 continents, across cultures and time zone, Raj is simply a “man who doesnt sleep”

Vanita Adep

Business Analyst

Combining technology with business comes naturally to Vanita.  She understands technology like no one else, and helps to make technology work for business.  

Sangita Singh

Creative Director
If you are impressed by the beautiful videos that we produce, then all the credit goes to Sangita Singh.