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“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motors.


Instructor Led Training

We have training facilities across 80+ locations in India, and also in locations at Europe, Australia and United States of America.  


With over 800 empaneled trainers,  we ensure that the training is facilitated by the best and most suited trainers in the industry. 


Experiential Learning

Eka follows the highest standards of ethics and professional practices in experiential learning. 


The participants become notably more responsible for their learning, with their personal experience giving life texture, and subjective personal meaning to abstract concepts.

​Our experiential learning programs are available on outbound, class room, online and digital formats.  



Our online programs are highly engaging with case-based, interactive learning experience. 


Progress reporting is available to help teams celebrate participant milestones and to highlight participants who may need additional support, resulting in an over 70% completion rate across all courses.



Creating content is no easy feat. Creating content that people actually want to use can be downright challenging. 


That’s exactly why we’ve put together a highly qualified team, which will make your content stand out and stand apart.  



On Job

With a strength of more than 50 trainers, we cover nearly 130 cities and town in India for on the job coaching. 


Our on job coaching is done both in the field as well as theoretically.  The training involves employees using the resources available for them at their workplace, and it allows them to learn while integrating into their everyday work environment.


Open House Programs

Our carefully curated open house programs are perfect for those who want to hone their skills from the collective knowledge of the participants. 


We are very careful in choosing our participants to ensure a optimal mix of demographics and industries to ensure best in class learning experience. 

Don’t forget to ask us about our FREE Training Needs Analysis and Need Diagnostics Study for all programs.  Call us at +91-7021402022

Would you like to know

Why should you chose us as your learning partner?

Eka Academy’s 11+ years of experience in helping businesses and employees reach their potential with advanced technical skills and certifications, no matter what their industry or background experience.

All our services are bespoke, which means we offer the freedom and flexibility to create a solution specific to your industry & training needs.

We can use one or more of our services to deliver the outcome required to gain the maximum results for your business.


Specialist Consultancy Services

We offer a free introductory consultation service, to get an understanding of your organisation, your working environment & your training needs.

Our expertise & experience, combined with your working knowledge, delivers results that are practical & specific to your needs.


Training That Works

We have been involved in many differing, diverse & interesting projects & we have built relationships with organisations from varying industries & sizes. Our efficient, cost-effective and engaging training courses are designed for your company and team to improve the overall business performance and equip employees with up-to-date technical skills and knowledge.


Talk to us today, and let us help you develop your team with our bespoke training and consultancy services.

Eka Academy’s high-impact business courses can serve as stand-alone learning experiences or as one component of an integrated development curriculum for upskilling and team-building. Whether you’re investing in early-career professionals or executives, we welcome the opportunity to support your organization’s learning and development goals.


Don’t forget to ask us about our FREE Training Needs Analysis and Need Diagnostics Study for all programs.  Call us at +91-7021402022

Special Offer

Free Training Need Analysis (TNA) and Need Diagnostics Study (NDS) for all our clients

At Eka, we believe that training should not be a “Tick in the box” activity.  Training needs to be clinically focused to ensure that the learning gets translated to doing.  To enable this, we do a free training need analysis / need diagnostics study for all our clients who sign up with us.