Leadership Next

A journey to discover tomorrow's visionaries

Last date for submission 1st November 2024

Date of result
11th November 2024

About the Event

 Eka Academy proudly presents “Leadership Next: A journey to discover tomorrow’s Visionaries” – a competition designed to empower and celebrate the leaders of the future.

Competition Categories:


1. Youth Pioneers (Ages 18-25): For the young minds filled with innovative ideas and boundless enthusiasm. For the dreamers and doers who believe in the power of change.

2. Emerging Trailblazers (Ages 25-35): For young adults ready to take their leadership journey to the next level – ready to shape the world with their unwavering determination.


Create a captivating video, no longer than 5 minutes, outlining your vision and dream for a brighter future. Share your unique ideas, solutions, and dreams that can shape a better world. In a world hungry for vision, your words can be the beacon of hope that guides us forward. 


How to Participate:

1. Record your vision video.

2. Share it with us by following the instruction given. For the Youth Pioneers, we shall be uploading the videos on Instagram and for Emerging Trailblazers, it shall be uploaded in YouTube.

3. Share, inspire, and gather support from your network for your video.

Selection Criteria:

• Your vision’s impact: Measure through Popular Votes on YouTube / Instagram

• Wisdom of experience: Judged by an Independent Jury of esteemed leaders.

The Reward: The winning visionaries in each category will receive:

Grand Prize worth Rs. 100,000 /to fuel your dreams and help bring your vision to life

• A treasure trove of goodies that will accelerate your leadership journey.

Join us in lighting the way to a brighter, more innovative future. Your vision could be the spark that ignites change! Dare to dream. Dare to lead. Dare to ignite hope.

But remember, this competition is not just about winning. It’s about lighting the torch of hope.

Your vision can change lives, spark revolutions, and mend the world’s wounds. So, embrace this opportunity, and let your passion shine.

Terms Governing the Contest: Eka Academy and its officers are authorized to make, delete or amend any rules of this contest at any time without assigning any reasons whatsoever.  The decision of Eka Academy and its officers are final and binding.  By participating in this contest and by uploading your video, you agree to abide by the terms governing the contest.

Ownership of the Videos uploaded: All videos uploaded will become the sole property of Eka Academy Pvt Ltd and it may use these videos for any purpose that it deems fit.   There would be no ownership claim on the videos by the creator of the video / participant once they are submitted.

Participation Fees: There is absolutely no participation fees for this program and every participant is free to make as many entries as they feel fit. 


For any additional inputs, please write to us at l[email protected]

Last date: The late for submission is 1st Nov 2024.  However, the jury will decide on the entries on 10th Nov 2024 and the winner would be declared on the 11th Nov 2024.

Please fill the application form given below to participate in ” Leadership Next: a journey to discover tomorrow’s visionaries.”