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Leadership Training & Team Building Training set in the outbound format, are very popular programmes. Our training for leadership through our Outbound Training Programme creatively uses nature as a backdrop to provide.

In the Outbound Training conducted by Eka Outbounds, we use the invaluable concepts of action and experiential learning – one’s experiences serving as a learning tool – and aim at consistently helping trainees gain immediate and powerful insight into their own and their team’s work styles and behaviour. This is a determinant to the success of Corporate Leadership Training.

Eka has developed / built some very fine infrastructures and facilities to deliver the training. Eka has tied up with various educational institutions to access their infrastructure/ classroom across more than 80 locations across the country.

Eka has also developed an exclusive spot about 100 kilometres from Mumbai to conduct an outbound experiential learning called “Eka Outpost”. Eka Outpost is a self-contained camping area which gives an integrated and holistic outbound experiential learning in all aspects of leadership, motivational, team building, negotiation, conflict management and people skills.

One of the most unique aspects of outbound training is that trainees are immediately able to see the consequences of wrong actions and can see the tangible difference that can be made by a change in thinking and behaviour. Our trained facilitators enthusiastically help them to extrapolate the learning from these outdoor activities to their workplace.

In our outbound programmes, participants are made to go through various outdoor activities where they will be required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams. This will help them see the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and delegation. Many consider outbound training as one of the best platforms for personality development, confidence building and team building. Through the testimonials we have received from participants over the years, there is no doubt that the outbound training that we conduct is effective and should be an element of an organization’s Corporate Training Program.

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