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Open House Program


In layman’s language, an open house program (OHP) is an event in which doors are open to the general public to look into to gain information on it.

What we do?

As we are corporate trainers, we have open house programs that are garnished with specific content and object for training corporates.

How do we do it?

Having a reputed and diversified clientele list under our possession, we approach to different other firms from the sectors like IT, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, and FMCG, etc. for gaining a fresh experience of working in industry.

Why choose our program?

By following our core values, we focus on spreading knowledge that will help to dream high and achieving better things. Our programmes are specialised programmes for various fields and sectors of industry. Sometimes, a company requires quite a few numbers of people to get the training and experiential learning; our programme caters to their needs. Employees of different firms can voluntarily join this open house programme as per their needs. Being a fruitful programme for enhancing knowledge, it also helps in increasing the employability skills of a person.

How to approach for an open house programme with us?

We update the information regarding the latest OHP on our ‘What’s New?’ of “Event Menu”. You can easily access to these columns to get the information about the program specification, venue, date, timings, and participation fees.

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