Eka Academy

Instructor-Led Training


Eka is a firm believer that for the domain that we deal with – that of managerial and leadership competency – instructor led training is extremely critical.

Therefore, a majority of Eka’s clients choose to have programs delivered in a live, in-person, instructor-led session. These highly interactive sessions break participants into either individual assignments or teams in order to apply concepts to their current situations. This best practice brings concepts to life for attendees and allows them to immediately put what they’ve learned into practice.

Participants also receive immediate feedback from the instructor to ensure proper understanding and application of the methodology. Participants work with their own, current sales opportunities, collaborating with colleagues and team members to share best practices and past experiences, making each program a custom event. Our consultants and facilitators are subject matter experts who work to understand the customer’s business and any specific nuances that may impact the delivery. Participants receive a notebook and supporting materials to aid in applying the new skill when they return to the field.

Eka’s instructor-led programs equip participants with knowledge and tools to put the learned process into immediate practice. Because of the high interaction, individuals typically experience behaviour change and results in a short period of time.

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