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Eka offers a variety of online learning options to support, complement, and enhance the implementation of our classroom training.

Today’s most successful organisations embrace online learning to meet the increasing and competing demands for the time placed on their salespeople. Through our E-Learning modules, our client can enjoy the benefits of reduced training cycle time, geographically distributed implementation, 24 hours accessibility and availability of content and flexible delivery.


Our E-Learning platform supports either a full web delivery, a blended delivery, or as a tool for reinforcing the learning and learning management system. Our web delivery model can be used either to create a complete LMS suite, an interactive webinar or course contents which can be tailored to meet the individual learning need and the learning capability of the participant.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is our customised complete product suite to facilitate the development and dissemination of corporate knowledge to improve productivity and performance. Our LMS supports a blended learning experience including both online and offline options such as e-learning courses, self-study materials, classroom training, etc. It is very easy to assign, administer, and track the results of employees’ progress virtually. Our LMS are completely customizable and are available in a variety of formats with the option of including graphics and data that can be filtered. All our courseware and the LMS is 24 x 7 accessible. Since we host e-learning solution, installing and maintaining applications on our clients’ intranet is our responsibility and thus saving your time and efforts.

Content Writing Services

We also offer content writing services for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We understand that unlike face-to-face setting, the emphasis is on learning than teaching for the online courses. Our courses are student-centered that rely on a combination of asynchronous and synchronous interaction, and comprises interactive games, animated movies, video-sessions, quizzes, real-life scenarios as examples to reinforce the information , and a variety of other multimedia. Courses we offer are modern, practically orientated, and represents the best practice throughout the industry.

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