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Our CSR Activities

Business cannot be successful when the society around it fails. Eka makes sure that it will never face unsuccessful phase. Delivering our business strategy of for corporate training and experiential learning, Eka operates in a manner that not only fulfills business requirements, but also focusses on the responsibility towards the society and helps in developing the community.
Our CSR Activities
The CSR activity we pursue is in line with our core values dedicated towards education, focused not just only on spreading knowledge, but also in helping people to achieve something more and better in their livelihood.
The two focus areas where special development programmes would be run are:

1. Enhancing employability skills

Employment and livelihood improving vocational skills and projects including in areas like Sales, Customer Service, Customer Centricity, Time Management, Territory Management, Professional Selling Skills, IT Skills, Hard Skills, Team Work, Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Active Listening, Goal Setting, Sales Process Management, Sales Funnel Management, Objection Handling, and livelihood enhancement projects.

2. Promotion of education

especially among children, students, employers, and open house participants including:

1. Non-formal education programmes.
2. Supporting other educational institutions.
3. Improving various educational facilities in general.
4. Supporting students for higher education.

Latest projects:
While doing corporate training – which is our profession – we also do a lot of sessions for school on motivation, career guidance etc. – which we treat as our CSR act.
ITI Khar –
Currently, Eka is promoting education and motivation skills among a group of 40 students from the Fitter course of Industrial Training Institute, Khar (Andheri, Mumbai). Here, we impart to students a detailed knowledge of IT and practical workshops as well as enhance their personality through our courses on English and Communication skills.

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