Eka Academy

Our Core Values


Transparent culture delivers better results by motivating and driving innovation. We, at Eka, build trust and pride, by encouraging employees to exchange ideas and thoughts through open communication. We focus on goal-based initiatives and validate it with our well-defined group of ekaployees so that both company and clients get to benefit out of it.


Dream for us is not what we see while sleeping- but is that what prevents us from sleeping. We dream often and big: big ideas, big goals, and a big vision. We shoot for the stars in our lofty dreams, this helps us to move past the potential fear of failure and stumbling blocks.


We perform our roles with purpose, pride, and a positive attitude. We use our passion to energise, engage, and inspire others. We proactively monitor our clients' progress, plan for the future, and leverage technology for the best interest of our clients. Our passion allows us to pursue the impossible, to dream big and achieve amazing results.


It is our integrity that holds our standards high. We take pride in upholding the values like honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. Ekaployees maintain a professional demeanour even in the most difficult situations.


This is our company. We own it. Eka trusts ekaployees to make every effort to do right by the company, and in turn Eka makes every effort to do right by employees in return. Every Ekaployee is involved in decision-making and owning up the results they produce. Ekaployees accept responsibility to drive improvements in the way things are done.


We seek out, listen to, and respect the ideas and opinions of others. We acknowledge and respect differences in each other and treat them with mutual respect and sensitivity. Our mantra is to treat others the way we want to be treated. We always ensure an inclusive environment while working towards building a better and stronger company.


We believe that fun should be part of everything we do. We integrate fun to work through building friendships within the company. It plays a positive role when it comes to building team culture. Fun also will create a culture of openness leading to a culture of wholeness. It decreases burnout, increase collaboration and hence better productivity.


Entrepreneurship runs deep in the veins of every Ekaployee. We endeavour to create value and deliver results to take Eka to the next orbit. We strive to be creative, effective, and efficient to create inspired, visionary solutions for our business partners. As an entrepreneur, we view problems as opportunities, take the time and initiative to pursue the unknown.


In Eka, we build a learning culture where our organizational values, systems, and practices support and encourage both individuals as well as Eka as an organization to increase knowledge, competence, and performance levels on an ongoing basis.

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