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Classroom Programs


The traditional approach to training, where the instructor leads the class to understand the intricacies of the module being trained above.

If you envision our classroom programs to be just workbooks, chairs, tables, flip-charts and an instructor, we beg to differ. Unlike the traditional training where the instructor will speak to a large audience in a lecture format, our trainings are highly interactive. Hence our audience are very receptive. This heightened receptivity amplifies the learning that is reflected in the feedback and post-session behavioral changes.

In our programs, audience get much more hands-on and we play more of a facilitator role, stepping in when required. Our goal is to harness intellectual capital and foster collaborative learning by bouncing ideas off one another to have in-depth knowledge of the topic. We deliver contents through an engaging variety of mechanisms, such as group and individual activities, role-plays, discussions, and games.

We can also customize our ILT programs in accordance to our customers’ requirements. In
other words, we offer ILT in so many different training platforms: webinars, blended learning, eLearning, etc. We can also do instructor-led training to deliver the core component of the training followed by refresher online resources. Some few other options include live or prerecorded online broadcasts or through virtual classroom technology.

Eka is a firm believer that for the domain that deal with – that of managerial and leadership competency – instructor led training is extremely critical. We are highly experienced in developing engaging and innovative instructor-led training, eLearning, and blended training solutions. Our trainers are experienced subject matter experts and have a knack for bringing contents to life. Our trainers are adept at creating vibrant workshops. We also provide resources that can be used as supplementary learner pieces which enable our participants to look outside of the parameters of the course and enhance their understanding of the subject.

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