Our Training Programs

The CRUX is the most comprehensive and elite program available for a middle manager. CRUX spreads over a 12 months period- and it commences by the first week of July every year. The program is a unique blend of experiential learning, on the job coaching, mentoring by an industry icon and uttered by some of the finest academicians of the world. Towards the end of the program, there will be a capstone session which will last for 6 to 7 days. The capstone session will distill all the learning of the participants and ensure that they are fit to face any challenges in the corporate world.

Training of Technical Trainer (ToTTer)
ToTTer is a unique program that aims to metamorphose a reasonable technical expert into a trainer. Thus, it helps the audience to express their thoughts in a lucid and logical manner so that it could be understood by their audience. We have been conducting train the trainer for organisations across various industries, and this has been developed over the last three years and honed to perfection.

DreamWorksThroughTeamwork (DTT)
A two-day outbound program that is fabulous for teams from various verticals – which helps the participants to understand the strengths of each team and built upon the same.

A great training program followed by extensive and exhaustive on-the-job assignments spread over five months. At the end of 5 months, each of the participants would become great sales persons with proven competencies. This is a unique signature program of Eka. The program is exclusive for Business development department.

This exciting program is best conducted with participants for 8 hours, from all the functional areas of an organisation. This program helps to build camaraderie amongst the members and help them to understand the perspective of the different functions of the organisation. Participants are given necessary inputs in the form of notional investment and a talent pool. As the program progresses, individual participants form groups and groups aggregate into companies which will have to start generating value and positive cash flow within a stipulated time.

This is a cutting edge program, delivered over a two-day period, which will align your middle manager to the broader vision and the business strategy of the organisation. Like other dynamic systems, an organisation performs best when all its processes, metrics and policies are functioning well, moving towards continuous improvement and aligning with the overall business goals of the organisation. Organisational alignment means linking the core business functions, processes and behaviours of the people in the enterprise, so they work in harmony to deliver results.

Paradigm Window
A paradigm is like any window; it allows you to see whatever its frames will permit. Thus, just like a window, a paradigm is a limited and partial view of what's "outside." The bigger the frame, the more one can see. The more windows in a room, the more one can see of that "outside" (although "frames" will continue to block access to some of it). Thus, paradigms, by analogy, are mental windows to reality. They "frame" our understanding of reality and limit that reality to what they show us. Different paradigms will "show" us different facts, even if two "viewers" are looking at the same event(s). This is a two-day program conducted by instructor-led format to help understand and appreciate these windows, their construction and how we can overcome the limitation of these paradigm windows.

Sustainable Leadership for Middle Managers
With going green being the buzz word everywhere, it is imperative that the middle managers, who will be the future leaders of the company, be trained in sustainable leadership. This is a three days program, conducted either that the client's premises or at an outside venue. Sustainable leadership' recognises the complex interdependency between individuals, business, markets and society and the eco-system, with the aspiration that the organisation creates prosperity and social value as well as long-term commercial success while protecting the environment in which we are all participants.

Structured Creativity
An innovative culture and the right set of creativity tools are crucial in every business. This training brings your team a structured process and the necessary idea tools. With Eka's structured creativity training, the participants will not only be able to think creatively, but they'll also find that they have the enhanced ability to solve every­day problems in structured and useful ways. By the end of this course, they'll have a robust methodology and toolkit for individual or group use and be able to confidently lead themselves and others through ideas generation, development, evaluation and selection.

This is a program, delivered over a day period, which will provide a real-time experience in which the recruiting managers would experience how to recruit effectively. Like other dynamic systems, an organisation performs best when all its people are working in a productive way. To have proper employees in the company recruitments must go efficiently. This is where this program comes in. A strategic way to recruit employees and here the employees would face the real life situation.

Leadership through Innovation and Growth
Leadership in the current era needs to be transformational, and transformational leads continually improve themselves. In this program, we translate a concept like innovation into a useful framework to enable leaders and their teams to apply new strategies with consistency and rigour across the organisation. We also create a common language. Similar to making actionable frameworks for innovation, constructing a collective vocabulary team member can quickly understand and adopt significantly improves chances that they will use what they learn.

Other Programs
Apart from the proprietary programs listed above, we also have custom made and off the shelf programs in areas like sales performance, customer service, time and territory management for frontline staff, performance management and appraisal systems, leadership, communication skills, negotiation skills, feedback, Effective & Efficient interviewing, Interviewing skills etc.